Fix System Clock Out of Sync With Time on Windows

How to keep the time the same in your Zorin OS and Windows installations.

If you’ve installed Zorin OS alongside Windows on your computer, you might notice that the time in the system clock on Zorin OS is not in sync with the time in Windows. This is because Zorin OS keeps the system time relative to universal time (UTC), while Windows keeps the clock in local time.

To fix this issue, please follow these steps in Zorin OS:

  1. Open the Zorin Menu → Utilities → Terminal.

  2. Enter the following command into the Terminal:

    timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock
  3. Restart your computer and select to boot into Windows.

  4. Open the Settings app and search for “Date & Time”.

  5. Make sure that the time is set correctly in the Date & Time settings.

  6. Restart your computer and select to boot into Zorin OS.