Check the Integrity of Your Copy of Zorin OS

How to verify that your USB Install Drive or downloaded Zorin OS .iso file is not corrupted.

Automatic filesystem check

While booting the Zorin OS USB Install Drive, the system will automatically perform a filesystem integrity check. This verifies that there aren’t any defects with the Zorin OS USB Install Drive.

Filesystem check

We recommend that you do not skip this check the first time you use the USB Install Drive. It helps prevent issues while installing Zorin OS to your computer.

If no defects are found, Zorin OS should continue to boot normally.

If defects are found

The USB flash drive you used may have experienced wear & tear from prior use or has other physical damage. We recommend that you try writing the downloaded Zorin OS .iso file to a different USB drive.

Check the integrity of the .iso file

If you’re unable to boot the Zorin OS USB Install Drive to the filesystem check (as above) or the filesystem check found defects after writing the .iso file to a different USB flash drive, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the newest version of an app called QuickHash for your operating system.

    Download QuickHash

  2. After the download completes, open the Files app and navigate to the “Downloads” folder.
  3. Right-click on the “Quickhash-GUI” .zip file and select to extract its contents.
  4. Navigate into the newly-extracted folder for “Quickhash GUI”.
  5. Find the enclosed executable file and double-click it to run the app.
  6. In the QuickHash app, navigate to the “File” tab (not “FileS”) and select the “SHA256” Algorithm (not “MD5”).
    QuickHash File tab and SHA256 Algorithm
  7. Click the green “Select File” button to choose the Zorin OS .iso file.
  8. Please wait until the checksum is generated in the grey box underneath the file name. This may take a few moments.

The generated hash value should match the corresponding correct SHA256 checksum listed below for your Zorin OS .iso file.

If the checksum doesn’t match

If the generated hash value doesn’t match the corresponding SHA256 checksum as below, you will need to download the Zorin OS .iso file again.

We recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome to download your copy of Zorin OS.

Please do not use any third-party download managers. This helps to avoid corrupting the download file.

Afterward, please check the integrity of the new .iso file to make sure it isn’t corrupted.

Correct SHA256 checksums

  • Zorin OS 16.2 Core 64-bit: 62f76b9ab2379a9cdfdf00a55b50beb5c0b67e150a54e555861ec3a02cde8585
  • Zorin OS 16.2 Lite 64-bit: 4235eca2ffe692371d467753acd6e00c4d4c5feb90fd137d187d935da5237d91
  • Zorin OS 16.2 Pro 64-bit: 2c9d5b7381bad110800c6939b9c6b71535ab2a6957c457c2755224b79ef57bde
  • Zorin OS 16.2 Pro Lite 64-bit: 66c2570a79ea08965140f82e905ca48056ad725c5d3bcc5f91eb797f533b579d
  • Zorin OS 16.2 Education 64-bit: d501fd16476c0f2230fca90f28b1c5e69187c475186771d4b2400d55628e7234
  • Zorin OS 16.2 Education Lite 64-bit: ac3f1dac47282393849813c1f16336b70e0c8cd80365ab6ebbe5a34f9fd075b7
  • Zorin OS 15.3 Lite 32-bit: 95e4159ebb5b532932ade79cd0c439235e726dc30c8a00036820b7a96ee2f865
  • Zorin OS 15.3 Education Lite 32-bit: 0192fccb564238113070ffb0e095559ad0c29b67951d070ed5fd6bd8412ef92b