Getting Zorin OS Lite

Zorin OS Lite will continue to be available in the Zorin OS 17 and Zorin OS 18 release series.

First published on 16 April 2024:

We commit to making the Lite edition of Zorin OS available in the Zorin OS 17 and Zorin OS 18 release series. That means Zorin OS Lite will continue to be fully supported and maintained until at least June 2029.

We aim to sunset the Lite edition from Zorin OS 19 onwards, so it would no longer be actively developed as an official edition of Zorin OS. We recommend users to migrate to the standard non-Lite editions of Zorin OS (Core, Pro, or Education) to continue having a fully-supported and curated Zorin OS experience after this point.

Users who still wish to use XFCE (the desktop environment powering Zorin OS Lite) as their primary desktop environment in Zorin OS 19 and above will be able to do so by installing the stock XFCE desktop packages from the official software repositories. This option will be available to all advanced users indefinitely. However, please note that the XFCE desktop environment will not be augmented with Zorin OS-specific features or optimizations (as currently present in Zorin OS Lite) from this point onward.

Why Zorin OS Lite will be sunset

  • Thanks to recent optimizations to the standard desktop environment, the non-Lite editions of Zorin OS (Core, Pro, and Education) are able to provide a fast and resource-efficient computing experience on older computers. It’s now possible to run the non-Lite editions of Zorin OS on computers with as little as 1½ GB of RAM and on machines as old as 15 years, with higher performance than the Lite edition in some tasks. View system requirements ›
  • The standard desktop environment provides a more feature-rich and extensible software stack, backed by a larger and more active developer commmunity. This powerful foundation allows us to deliver a more polished user experience with support for newer desktop technologies that improve security and app compatibility. It also works better with more hardware features on modern computers, such as high resolution displays, fingerprint readers, audio devices, touch screens, and touchpads.
  • The different desktop environments in the Lite and non-Lite editions of Zorin OS have discrepancies in their design and functionality, which can result in an inconsistent user experience. Reducing this fragmentation will provide a more cohesive experience for all users and make it easier to find relevant support resources.
  • Streamlining the lineup of Zorin OS editions will make it easier for new users to select the right option for them and get started using Zorin OS more seamlessly.
  • By focusing on a single unified desktop experience, we’ll be able to spend our time & resources more effectively to develop new features and achieve our vision of making the most user-friendly operating system for all users.
  • With a more streamlined development roadmap, we’ll be able to deliver future versions of Zorin OS in a more timely cadence.
  • In future Zorin OS-related products, we’ll be able to provide a richer feature-set by integrating more deeply into the desktop.

Get Zorin OS 17 Lite

We will continue to make the Lite edition of Zorin OS available in the Zorin OS 17 and Zorin OS 18 release series as a courtesy to existing users. You can get access to the latest version of Zorin OS Lite through one of the following methods:


Download Zorin OS 17.1 Lite

Download from a different server

Select a nearby mirror for a faster download:



Ibiblio ⋅ North Carolina, USA
University of Maryland ⋅ Maryland, USA
Clarkson University ⋅ New York, USA


Web World ⋅ Dublin, Ireland
Ircam ⋅ Paris, France
University of Lisbon ⋅ Lisbon, Portugal
Metanet ⋅ Zürich, Switzerland
RWTH Aachen University ⋅ Aachen, Germany
23M ⋅ Münster, Germany
dogado ⋅ Dortmund, Germany
ITWorxx ⋅ Bayern, Germany
Serverion ⋅ Amsterdam, Netherlands
dotsrc ⋅ Lyngby, Denmark ⋅ Copenhagen, Denmark
Zetup AB ⋅ Gothenburg, Sweden
Infania Networks ⋅ Borås, Sweden
Lysator ⋅ Linköping, Sweden
Kumi Systems ⋅ Helsinki, Finland
ICM ⋅ Warsaw, Poland
Onet ⋅ Kraków, Poland
Quantum Mirror ⋅ Miskolc, Hungary
Aristotle University ⋅ Thessaloniki, Greece
iHost ⋅ Chisinau, Moldova
Astra ⋅ Lviv, Ukraine


NCHC ⋅ Taipei
DatautamaNET ⋅ Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Kakao ⋅ Seoul, South Korea
Freedif ⋅ Singapore
Nanjing University ⋅ Nanjing, China
SJTU ⋅ Shanghai, China

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If you’re using Zorin OS 16 Lite, you can upgrade directly to the Zorin OS 17 Lite series using the built-in Upgrade Zorin OS app.

View how to upgrade Zorin OS ›

You can also use the Upgrade Zorin OS app to upgrade from Zorin OS 17 Lite to the Pro Lite or Education Lite editions.

What’s new in Zorin OS 17 Lite

Zorin OS 17 Lite desktop
  • Based on the latest XFCE 4.18 desktop environment: Take advantage of the major features and improvements introduced in the newest version of the upstream desktop environment. Learn more ›
  • Refreshed Software store: The Software store has been greatly improved and is now significantly faster. It sports a beautiful new design with a refined home screen that makes it easier to explore the endless selection of apps available to download. Learn more ›
  • Enhanced Windows App Support: It’s now even easier to run your favorite apps, regardless of which platform they were originally developed for. We’ve expanded our built-in database to detect installer files and provide tailored recommendations for alternatives to more Windows apps and games. Enabling Windows App Support will now allow you to take advantage of the full power of Bottles and the latest Wine 9.0 version. Learn more ›
  • Updated theme styling: We’ve refined how apps look & feel with an updated theme, which now works with native Gtk4 apps and first-party libadwaita apps.
  • Newer apps: Many pre-installed apps are updated in Zorin OS 17 Lite for a more feature-rich experience out of the box.
  • Better hardware support: Zorin OS 17 Lite comes bundled with updated drivers, which make it easier to use Zorin OS with many newer computers and hardware peripherals. It will continue to receive updates over time to expand support for new hardware even further into the future.
  • Long-Term Support until 2027: Zorin OS 17 will be supported with software updates, security patches, and driver updates until at least June 2027.