Connect to a Network Drive

How to map a server, NAS, or other storage location on the network in the Files app.

Open the “Files” app and click on “Other Locations” in the left sidebar menu. It should open a screen similar to the one below:

Other Locations in Files

Connect to the network drive or server

Enter the address of the network drive into the “Connect to Server” text field at the bottom. Use one of the following prefixes appended to the beginning of the address:

File Transfer Protocolftp:// or ftps://
Network File Systemnfs://
SSH File Transfter Protocolsftp:// or ssh://
WebDAVdav:// or davs://

Enter your username, domain, and password

If the network drive is password-protected, you may see an authentication dialog. Enter your account information and select how it will be remembered by the Files app.

Press “Connect” in the top right and you will be able to access the files on the network drive.