Verify if You're Running Zorin OS Pro

How to check whether you've installed Zorin OS Pro onto your computer.

All desktop layouts

  1. Open the Zorin Menu → Zorin Appearance.
  2. If all the desktop layouts are available in the “Layouts” section, this means that you’re running Zorin OS Pro.
    • In Zorin OS Pro you should see all 10 desktop layouts instead of 4 layouts in the Core edition.
    • In Zorin OS Pro Lite you should see all 6 desktop layouts instead of 2 layouts in the standard Lite edition.

Additional Creative Suite and Advanced Productivity apps

If you’re running Zorin OS Pro, you should also notice many more creativity and productivity apps. You can find them in the Graphics, Sound & Video, and Office categories of the Zorin Menu.

If you can’t find the additional creative suite and productivity apps, you may have selected the “Minimal Install” option while installing Zorin OS.