Connect to the Internet Using Your Phone

How to use your phone to connect your computer to the Internet with USB tethering.

You can share your phone’s Internet connection with your computer by simply plugging it in using a USB cable. This can be useful when you wish to…

  • connect using your phone’s mobile data plan in a remote location.
  • use your phone as a Wi-Fi adapter while setting up your computer’s internal Wi-Fi hardware in Zorin OS.

To set up a USB tethering connection, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect your phone to the Internet over Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection.
  2. Plug your phone into your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Enable the USB tethering feature in your phone’s Settings app.
    • On Android. In the Settings app, navigate to Network & internet → Hotspot & tethering. Switch on the “USB tethering” setting. The exact location of this setting may be different depending on your phone’s make and model.
    • On iPhone. In the Settings app, navigate to Cellular → Personal Hotspot. Switch on the “Allow Others to Join” setting.
  4. You may need to select an option or accept a prompt to start your USB tethering connection.
    • On Android. Open the notifications area and tap the Android System notification for more options about your USB connection. Select the “USB tethering” option. Android notification
    • On iPhone. If you see an alert that asks “Trust This Computer?” after plugging your iPhone into your computer, tap “Trust”. iPhone trust alert

Your computer should now be connected to the Internet using your phone’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.