Alternatives to Windows Apps

A list of cross-platform replacements for Windows apps which work in Zorin OS.

Some apps are currently not able to run in Zorin OS and Linux, or as web apps in a web browser. For the best experience, we recommend that you use alternatives to these apps which work cross-platform.

The following are a few examples of cross-platform alternatives to Windows apps. Most of them can be installed from the Software store in Zorin OS.


Windows appCross-platform app
Microsoft Office/365
LibreOffice Open Source (pre-installed)
Microsoft 365 (in a web browser)
WPS Office
SoftMaker FreeOffice
Google Docs (in a web browser)
Microsoft OutlookEvolution Open Source (pre-installed)
Thunderbird Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Lite)
Mailspring Open Source
Microsoft Outlook (in a web browser)
Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams (in a web browser)
Jitsi Meet Open Source (in a web browser)
Jami Open Source
Google Meet (in a web browser)
Microsoft OneNoteXournal++ Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Joplin Open Source
Microsoft Publisher
Adobe InDesign
Affinity Publisher
LibreOffice Draw Open Source (pre-installed)
Scribus Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Adobe Acrobat
Nitro PDF
Evince Document Viewer Open Source (pre-installed)
LibreOffice Draw Open Source (pre-installed) to edit PDFs
Autodesk AutoCAD
FreeCAD Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
LibreCAD Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Autodesk AutoCAD (in a web browser)
SketchUp (in a web browser)

Graphics & Reading

Windows appCross-platform app
Adobe Photoshop
Affinity Photo
PaintShop Pro
GNU Image Manipulation Program Open Source (pre-installed)
Krita Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Pinta Open Source
Photopea (in a web browser)
Adobe Illustrator
Affinity Designer
Inkscape Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Figma (in a web browser)
Gravit Designer
Adobe LightroomDarktable Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
RawTherapee Open Source
SketchbookKrita Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
MyPaint Open Source
Amazon KindleKindle Cloud Reader (in a web browser)
Foliate Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
calibre Open Source

Sound & Video

Windows appCross-platform app
Adobe Premiere Pro
Kdenlive Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Shotcut Open Source
DaVinci Resolve
Autodesk 3ds Max
Cinema 4D
Blender Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Autodesk Maya
Foundry Modo
Adobe After EffectsNatron Open Source
Blender Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Ableton Live
FL Studio
Adobe Audition
Ardour Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
LMMS Open Source
Bitwig Studio
Streamlabs Desktop
XSplit Broadcaster
OBS Studio Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Apple MusicCider Open Source
Apple Music (in a web browser)

System Tools

Windows appCross-platform app
Microsoft Phone LinkZorin Connect Open Source (pre-installed)
Remote DesktopRemmina Open Source (pre-installed)
Chrome Remote Desktop (in Google Chrome)
Microsoft Hyper-VVirtualBox Open Source (pre-installed in Zorin OS Pro)
Boxes Open Source
VMware Workstation Player or Workstation Pro
Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox Open Source (pre-installed)
Microsoft Edge (with Internet Explorer mode)
Google Chrome
Brave Open Source

Other apps

You can search for alternatives to many other apps on

Because Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu and Linux, please make sure to find alternative apps that are natively compatible with Ubuntu and Linux.